Robert Beck’s Musical Tesla Coil.
Photo by Scott Muthersbaugh 2013 BMMF.

Members of  Alamance Makers Guild and other makers from NC and beyond will be on hand to exhibit, demonstrate and explain their creative, technical, artistic, and educational projects. Explore and discover interactive projects at Burlington Mini Maker Faire!

Exhibitors, please let me know is you have any changes or if I missed something, I’m running pretty fast these days. — Ilsa (volunteers@burlingtonminimakerfaire.com)

2016 Exhibitors

Crankin Engines: Rankin Barnes
crankin-engines-part5scale25Learn how a Basic Four Stroke Engine works. Partially disassemble a 4.5 Horse Power engine and learn basic troubleshooting.


WishBass: Steve
wishbass2Locally made musical instruments often made on a Shopbot. Opportunity to play instruments.


DuinoKit: Daniel Alich
The DuinoKit is an Arduino based prototyping system aimed at making it easer to teach and learn electronics.


Recycled Folks: Ann Hobgood
I create sculptures – large and small – using metal and wood. I collect materials from scrap metal dealers, Hospice Flea Market, ReStore, thrift shops, dumpsters, and side-of-the-road trash piles. I’m often inspired by the scrap object itself. I will be demonstrating how I assemble my “guys” using srews, bolts, rivets, glues, etc.


Pup-in-a-Poke: Angi & Amanda Parrish
Recycled textile art using video tape, plastic bags, t-shirts, sheets, books and magazines.

gameoverGame Over Comics: Cosplay Events
Hero’s Hangout Cosplay
Dungeons and Dragons Cosplay
Free Comics

Musical Tesla Coil: Robert Beck
I’m playing with the idea of making this a performance this year by inviting a dj buddy of mine to plug in or at least use something other than the keyboard this year. I have a few new pieces of gear I’d like to setup. A plasma microphone and plasma speakers. I’m open to other ideas as well, I’m just trying to switch it up a bit this year to keep the exhibit fresh.


Hackerspace Charlotte: Makerspace
Hackerspace charlotte will be displaying various member projects including 3d printers, quadcopter(s), a drift trike and much more!


Communications: Richard McWhorter
Exhibit with a 1920s AM radio and modulated laser.


HLock Connectors: Joshua Fitzgerald
HLock Connectors are small interlocking hinges that can form unique, flexible structures. Grab a few and see what you can make, while seeing their creation on a 3D printer!

The 105th Squad: Thomas Fascaldo
Costuming, prop building with 3D printing applications for creating costumes and props.

Bricks 4 Kidz, Piedmont NC: Sheila Steplar
Bricks 4 Kidz teaches science, technology, engineering and math using LEGOr Bricks. We offer field trips, team building, after school enrichment programs, camps and birthday parties!


charles-wade_combined-robotsRoboMustache: Charles Wade
A collection of cute animals, silly mustaches and more! And did I mention robots? Well, I did now! I’ll also be providing materials to draw out your own robot ideas.


Tripoli NC, NIKE AJAX and More: Michael Gunter & Paul Schaffer
This is our 1/2 scale Nike Ajax conversion. We are taking the US Army Nike Ajax guided missile system and turning it into a launch-able and recoverable Rocket. We also have a Mobile Launch Platform for this project.. There will also be other rockets on display. Questions are welcome.


Foothills Community Workshop

FCW will have numerous examples from a hackerspace including: Electrostatic demos, woodturning projects,  lasercut projects, vintage computers, electronics/microprocessor  examples, stage props and masks, small robots, and CNC routing.


Dusty Tech: Adisa McKenzie
DJ Dusty Tech is a multimedia performance project that uses a mixture of Open Source hardware,  software and Copy Left music, to explore how these systems can be integrated into a traditionally closed source, high priced, market. The Dusty Tech project often uses Midi, OSC, Mixxx, Processing Language, Linux, PD, Quneo, Gimp, Inkskape, Arduino and more. This project is always looking for people who are excited to find new ways to collaborate.

Watch a clip: https://instagram.com/p/iNHJDExV0e/

Splatspace is Durham’s Makerspace. We plan to have large-scale Pepakura projects, 1 or 2 construction sets, a biohacking exhibit, and whatever else the members bring.


Triangle Area Chapter of NCABANA: Dick Snow
> Blacksmithing Demonstration and Information
> Propane Forge Building Information
> Glass Blowing Information

Sylvan Learning Center
STEM Programs-Robotics, Coding, and Math Edge. Fun exploration of engineering concepts such as designing, testing and redesigning.

“Plan B” – FTC Robotics Team

Plan B TeamFTC competition team and robot built and programmed by local students using TETRIX, Android phones, X-box controllers and many custom made parts and accessories.

Educational displays will outline the varied skills middle/high school students gain via FIRST robotics programs.  Team “Plan B” will exhibit the robot that won a design award and several local competitions this season.  See videos/demos of the FTC robot in action.  We hope to show off some of our other STEM learning experiences as well (SumoBots, CAD/3-D printing).


ACPL F.O.L.D.S. Origami Group: Wardelia Enoch

seot-2014-origamiWe are an origami group for adults. Our purpose is to introduce people to the art of paper folding. F.O.L.D.S. stands (in part) for: Folding Ordinary paper into Lavish Designs sharpens the mind. For those interested, our exhibit will include an opportunity to fold you own design. The group meets from September to May at May Memorial Library, every second Thursday from 6:30 to 8. Parents or guardians are free to bring children who are interested in learning how to fold. Demonstrations and instructions for children are given at different Alamance County Public Library locations. The group was started three years ago by Tom Connally, library patron and educator who has a life long love for origami.

ACC CIM Technology: Adam Self
Computer-Integrated-Machining Technology program at Alamance Community College. CNC machined and 3D printed projects.


Theater Props: Eric Hart

Eric makes props for theatres, operas and events all over the country. Check out some of the props he has made over the years, as well as some of the tools and materials he uses. Eric wrote a book on building props, maintains a blog and posts videos of various projects he has done.


Home-Made Hoops with Memory : Memory Robbins
memory-hoopsJoin local Hoop Dance Instructor and Performance Artist, Memory Hoops, for hourly demonstrations on how to make a Hand-Made Hoop for fitness, dance and play. Each hour learn  methods for basic hoop construction , using supplies from your home and local hardware store. Followed by Hoop Dance demonstrations and interactive play using already made hoops of all sizes!

Hand-Made hoops are most commonly used for Hoop Dancing, which generally refers to the combination of freestyle, tricks and technical dance using a hoop(s) as a prop or dance partner. Modern Hoop Dance is often combined with martial arts, fire dancing, juggling, break dancing, gymnastics, yoga and more!


helpinghand_nThe Helping Hand Project
The The Helping Hand Project began as an initiative by UNC Biomedical Engineering
(BME) students to use 3D printing and other emerging technologies to build prosthetic devices for children in need. Traditional prostheses can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, which is compounded for children as they outgrow their prostheses and require new ones. Most families cannot afford this cost, and their children go without needed prostheses. Using 3D printers the Helping Hand Project builds customized prosthetic hands and donates them at no cost to the child’s family. The average cost for the material and printing of a fully functioning prosthetic hand is under $30, allowing the project to be practical from a financial standpoint while having a big impact on the children it helps. The HHP has created prosthetic hands for 16 kids, ranging from North Carolina all the way to Salt Lake City. The HHP also works to be a support group for the kids it helps, working with children to see that they get the most out of their prosthesis and repairing or replacing it for free, if needed. The HHP helps the families of kids with limb differences form a support group, and hosts meetings where the families and kids are able to meet each other in person.
The Helping Hand Project hopes to help every kid that has reached out to us in the best way possible. While the project has been limited to mechanical prosthetic hands for children who have a functioning wrist, we are expanding to include prosthetic forearms. The project will work to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and use it to create better prosthetic devices. The project hopes to improve current designs and manufacturing practices to improve the devices, including integrating electro­mechanical systems. The HHP is currently connected to over 20 kids still awaiting a device, many of whom will require their device be uniquely designed. The HHP also has means to help international support missions in both Haiti and China, and would like to send volunteers on international missions to deliver devices to kids in these countries.


LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Programmingt: Hiroko Sulari
Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 8.42.28 AM
Learn to give a robot simple command and try some grids, maze and line-following challenges using LEGO Mindstorms EV3.



Tech Jobs (The Forge): Joe Rotondi
The Forge has members that make using various disciplines. Woodworking, metalworking, 3D Printing, laser engraving, and electronics projects will be displaye.

Amateur Radio
Ham radio information and exhibit items.

Burlington Carousel Quilters: Miranda Slade
BCQG are a group of friendly quilters that meet the second Tuesday of every month at night.  We welcome all levels of quilters and look forward to bringing the love of quilting to the younger generations.

Fusion3 3D Printers: Chris Padgett
Greensboro based 3D Printer company.

The Monument Quilt: Julie Budd
There is no monument to sexual assault survivors. But in 2017 there will be one in Washington, DC on the lawn in front of the Washington monument. And your message/art/story can be a part of the “monument”. Art can heal. Share your story. Or share words of encouragement or simply share your outrage that even one victim of sexual assault in the US is too many.


Decorating with Vinyl Lettering: Jeff Baldwin
Event Sponsor Paradise Printers. Join the hottest fashion in the marketplace today.  Create various items with vinyl lettering such as your initials monogram for your vehicle, laptop, clothing or many other items.


ShopBot CNC Digital Fabrication: Sallye Coyle
Event Sponsor ShopBot. Visitors will design and personalize a gear using Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software, then machine it using a computer-controlled router, called a ShopBot CNC machine.


Studio 1: Tamra Kress
Studio 1 will have members of our tech crew there showing how we work hard to recycle and reuse to minimize our costume budget and to be environmentally friendly. We will show everything from fancy Elizabethan costumes created from recycled material to simple adjustments to show a time period.   We will also have a project there for people to make their own recycled costume. kids. http://www.studio1online.org

Split Infinity Jewelry

infinity-jewelre-IMAG2159 (002)-X2Chainmaille (also known as chainmail, or simply maille) is typically armor or jewelry made by connecting metal rings to one another.  Chainmaille is one of the earliest forms of metal armor. The oldest piece of maille armor that can be accurately dated is more than 2,700 years old.  In this short introduction, you too can learn this ancient craft and make your very own pair of chainmaille earrings or keychain to take home.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.  $2 material fee. (Site Link)

Hux Creations

Custom Woodworking with ShopBot CNC

Alamance Community College – Graphic Design

Create a unique promotional piece to promote the Alamance Makers Guild, Mini-Makers Faire and Alamance Community College, (ACC). The piece must be designed to accommodate both print and laser cut specifications. The intent of the piece is to promote the Makers Movement in Alamance County as well as to build membership in the AMG. Reverse engineer your concept to determine printing, laser cutting and assembly requirements. Remember the quantity needed is 100 so you need to keep your design, laser cutting and assembly simple in order to reduce the  production time. (Site Link)

Alamance Community College – HVACR

Heating and Air Conditioning at the college. The display shows the ACC logo that will freeze up and thaw out.


We will have tables set up with 3D printers running and computers with CAD (COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN) running  on them. We will have robotics that can lift boxes and shoot balls. (Site Link)

Artist Herron

Independent artist creating animated short films, illustrations, and short stories. (Site Link)

Arduino Cullular Automata

A variety of cellular automata, including well-known examples such as Conway’s Game of Life and Langton’s Ant, running on LED matrices in a variety of sizes and dazzling color, all controlled by Arduino.

Nuclear Fusor: Cody Keller

Elon Engineers/Rocket Team

Our team is aiming to compete in the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association’s (ESRA) Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition.  In order to test our design for the large rocket that we will use in this competition, we have been using 3-D printers at Elon University to build scale models of  our designs. (Site Link)

EM Fabrication, LLC

Any way you cut it, digital fabrication is cool. Check out EM Fabrication, LLC to explore how they use CNC routing and fabrication from materials such as plywood, solid wood, acrylic and even cardboard.

Angie’s Handmades

See how crochet is done! (Site Link)

Chassis Twisters: 1/24 Scale Slot Cars

Learn all about the 1/24 Scale Slot Cars. (Site Link)

3D Printing with David Dening

This is an exhibit created using 3D printers. The tabletop portion of the exhibit is a rolling ball sculpture using 25mm marbles. The track pieces use magnets to hold them into a sheet metal base (or a convenient refrigerator).  The pathways can be easily rearranged by shifting components.  There is a tabletop demonstration panel and a second floor level panel for kids to build/arrange their own pathways. The second portion of the exhibit is a 3D printed “Thomas” scale railroad.  All rail components, rolling stock and accessories were 3D printed with the exception of the engines.  The track layout is on an elevated 3 foot by 5 foot platform at a convenient height for operation by 3 to 6 year old engineers.

Sacred Stone SCA: Adrian Alma

SCA-hdrLogoWe cover a wide range of Medieval crafts from Fibre (Spinning, weaving, knitting, naalbinding, embroidery). Making clothing, gloves, hats, pouches, flags; Leatherwork (pouches, cups, shoes, boots, scabbards) , Woodwork (Benches, chairs, tables, boxes, bows and arrows); Metalwork (Turning ore into finished knives and swords; hinges and clasps); Illumination and calligraphy. Outdoor cooking, smoking and cheese making. We will have members dressed in full garb from various centuries and fighters in armor.
There will be static displays of completed projects and members showing how to make some of these crafts. (Site Link)

Robots @ the Library: Durham County Library

durham-library-dcl_logoWe will have our Watercolor Bot set up and ready to paint anything you can imagine. We’ll also have BeeBots, which are small robots programmed with directional buttons on their backs. Children of all ages enjoy figuring out the steps required to get the BeeBots through the different mazes. We’ll also have Dash and Dot, with the programs from Wonder Workshop so people can control them via remote control or by coding them. (Library Site Link)

Quesenberry Construction: Concrete and CNC Creations

quesenberry-lightsCNC machine, made by operator and used as a tool to make many different things.Multiple uses include custom mold creations, sign making, lithophanes etc.
(Site Link)

Be In You Center: Karin Elizabeth

Imagine this: the entirety of what it takes to grow a plant is contained within the seed. Until germination, that potential is dormant. It’s hibernating. Once the seed sprouts, the power to grow into a mighty plant becomes active. That’s a powerful bite.

Sprouting at home is easy and fun. We’ll show you three simple steps for how to grow most sprouts right in your kitchen. Then what? Just eat them by the handful? Some people do. For others, we want a little more encouragement than that. A little more pizzazz. We’ll explain how to make a tantalizing snack everyone will enjoy, and send you home with the recipe so you can start including this nutritiously delicious snack into your family’s snack menu.

But wait – there’s more. Some sprouts prefer not to grow in the kitchen. they like dirt. So for those of you who like a little sunshine and outdoor fun with your lunch, we’ll show you how to grow a succulent sprout that makes juicy fodder for a wildly delicious salad. And again, we’ll send you home with a recipe.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…
(Site Link)

Young Artist Clover Arts & Crafts, and 4-H Club

The Young Artist Clover Arts and Crafts 4-H club is a group of middle school youth who meet monthly at the Burlington Artist League to learn about and make arts and crafts, be involved in community service projects and participate in leadership activities.  Come by our booth to learn how to be involved.  Children can make a simple clothespin butterfly.

Western Middle Makers

Interact with all the creative projects have created this year. Choose from projects that range from paper roller coasters, to LEGO robotics, to catapults, to jewelry. Something for everyone! (Site Link)

Burlington Artist League

Active for more than 35, years, the Burlington Artists League is a group of talented artists and supporting members dedicated to promoting area artists and the artistic spirit of Alamance County. The Artists League arranges exhibiting opportunities for artists in area business locations. Year round exhibit and sales opportunities are provided to all area artists at the Burlington Artists League Fine Arts Gallery. The organization also sponsors art competitions, workshops and special programs for artists.

Hack A Week: Dino Segovis

Laser-oscillograph-007-1024x711Examples of projects that you can get your hands on and play with as well as a running video display featuring selected videos from over five years of video blogging. (Site Link)

ABSS Career & Technical Education Center

The Cube Project: a 3D cube that students have drawn on paper, designed in Inventor and are printing with a Maker Bot Replicator 5.  The Cube Project is a core component of the Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) course in which students learn the design process.  The completed CUBE demonstrates  their mastery. (Site Link)

CTE/ACC Welding Technology: ACC and ABSS

Welding re-bar together to fabricate bottle trees.

3D Printing: The Burlington School

The Burlington School’s eighth graders worked through the process of building vehicles, and were actively engaged in using design software to build wheels for their cars while measuring velocity in the lab. We are excited about what our Spartans are now able to model and develop using a 3D printer! (Site Link)

City of Burlington and Link Transit

We will share information and give-aways from the City of Burlington and the City’s new Transit system. (Site Link)

PLINKO with Burlington Parks & Recreation

The Burlington Recreation & Parks Department will provide participants with the opportunity to play Plinko for a variety of prizes including passes to the aquatic center & amusement rides. We will also share information regarding upcoming B-town Events, athletics, youth programs and more. (Site Link)

Alamance Photography Club

Alamance Photography Club is social organization of photography enthusiast with a wide range of interest. We welcome all, novice, to professional  as a place to show, share, promote and learn about all aspects of photography. (Site Link)

Multi 3D: 3D Printed Circuits

We have developed a material for 3D printing that is 100 times more conductive than those that are commercially available.  Components can be added to circuits made with this material without the need for solder.

Alamance County Beekeepers

Honey bee exhibit with Queen, Information on life of the Honey bee, information on ACB beekeepers. (Site Link)

B. Everett Jordan Elementary STEAM Club

At BEJ, we are in the process of creating a makerspace that can be used by all students K-5.  Currently, our 4th and 5th graders in our STEAM club use the space the most.  The projects that we are exhibiting were created by students using materials in our makerspace, Projects include a course for our Sphero robots, student coded games and textile projects. (Site Link)

NASA Langley Research Center:  3D Printing

Experience NASA with live prints of different spacecrafts, objects through NASA website. See 3D printing as part of an Engineering Design Challenge.

Usborne Books: Craft and Science

Create origami figures, test paper airplanes, and perform simple experiments with our science books. (Site Link)

Hollywood FX: Makeup FX

I produce Aliens, creatures , zombies, and makeup effects for Hollywood films and television shows. I have won two Emmy awards which will also be on display from the Star Trek Television series. I will be going through the steps in creating aliens, special makeups and zombies and simulating tramatic wounds. (Site Link)

Burlington Mens Garden Club

The garden club works to educate members; does local gardening projects ,supports  scholarships for youth gardeners. (Site Link)

World of Steampunk: Brett King

brett-kingThe World of Steampunk exhibit will feature a number of static as well as interactive display pieces inspired by Victorian science fiction technology as seen in the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. The exhibit will feature the works of Brett King STEAM, Jeff Cohn, and Professor Obliviate.
(Site Link)

Discovery Place

We’ll have a number of exciting demonstrations and activities you can see and do! Record Player Spirograph:  See what happens when you make a small adjustment to this intricate machine that draws mathematically inspired art using twin record players! Carving:  You’ll get a chance to try old-school and Dremel-school carving on linoleum tiles.  Make a stamp or just a cool piece of art! Catapult Cornhole:  Cornhole–fun!  Catapult–lots of fun!  Catapult Cornhole–Uber Amazing!  Challenge your fellow makers to send the bags a-flying using our oversized catapult! Quilling: You’ve seen it on Etsy and Pinterest!  Now try the ancient artform yourself.

Caleb Carr Christian Corner: Websites for and by Kids

Caleb started his website at age of 9 now he is a website designer and have an upcoming radio motivation segment.

Elon University Maker Hub and Kickbox

Stop by the Elon booth and build a mini-catapult with popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Then challenge your friends by launching 3D printed acorns onto a game board. Get a souvenir snapshot at the student-created photo booth. Powered by a BeagleBone Black, the photo booth spits out a black and white photo on a thermal (receipt) printer. Also, this spring, Elon’s Maker Hub launched the Elon Kickbox grant program. A Kickbox is (literally) a box filled with resources, a process for making an idea a reality, and $300. Eleven students and teams have spent spring semester pursuing and building their ideas with Kickbox and are working on everything from a model rocket recovery system to a board game that teaches chemistry concepts. Come see the results of their efforts!

Willy Nilly Studio: Hand Painted Wearables

Winston-Salem Artist Deborah Willard will lead this make-and-take workshop where people may be able to hand paint their own t-shirt, hat, or bandana. Acrylic paints and markers will be available to use. Please note, these are NOT washable paints, so participants should wear old clothes.

Tesseract Point

Makers, creators and tech geeks of all types will have an assortment of projects on display representing some of the kinds of things we do.

SPOT-R Appalacian Science Experiment

The students of The Appalachian Science Experiment designed the SPOT-R program as an entry for the eCYBERMission competition in 2015. Awarded as both regional finalists and community grant winners, the team has been working to implement their solution to a community problem, people lost in the outdoors in rural western North Carolina. The community problem has three sections, and so does the solution. The SPOT-R (Seeking People Over Terrain Remotely) program revolves around the SPOT-R device which the  students designed using scientific principles. The device will find lost people more efficiently than traditional search methods, but it also will help recruit volunteers for the search and rescue and fire departments to help offset the diminishing numbers of volunteers as individuals drop out or age. Technology attracts younger recruits who will be excited about working with this device and developing skills and experiences that they can use in their future careers.
Even younger children will be included in the SPOT-R program, as the device can be used in educational occasions. By seeing the unit in action, children will know that search and rescue personnel and tools, including SPOT-R, are not scary, but there to help.
The students will exhibit (but not fly!) the device, which they have been constructing, along with other parts of their program. They are happy to answer questions and to share information about eCYBERMisson and other STE(A)M opportunities.

Musical Circuits: Elliot Inman

We will feature both Arduino-powered midi controllers and basic electronic circuits for making music.  Circuits include a square wave oscillator from a single integrated circuit using the classic hex inverting buffer CMOS chip design.  Pitch can be controlled turning a dial, waving a hand over an electronic eye, and dynamically drawing the pitch using a standard #2 pencil as a musical stylus.  Arduino circuits will be used to send MIDI messages to control a hardware sound module and/or virtual synthesizer.  Designs include a classic beatbox, bass sequencer, and more experimental sound interfaces.  These circuits were first presented as part of a Musical Circuits Workshop Series at UNC’s BeAM/Kenan Science Library Makerspace in Spring of 2016.  More information on the circuits can be found here:  http://www.amateurmusicology.com.  Videos here:  http://amateurmusicology.com/videos/.

Re-Tyed, Hands-on Tie-dye for all ages: Jennifer Dutro/Mixxer

Have you ever wanted to turn a thrift store find something colorful and truly unique? Customize that second-hand fine with retired which makes repurposed renewed be awesome to clothing made from the thrift store castoffs shirts will be available for attendees today while supplies last.

Burlington Police Department: DARE and Motorcycle Unit

The Burlington Police Department will have representatives from D.A.R.E., Recruitment, and the Motorcycle Unit present to share information about the Department. (Site Link)

Girl Scouts Carolinas: Peaks to Piedmont

Learn more about Girl Scouts and the ways girls can help to make a positive impact on our community. (Site Link)

Thinker Linkers: Murrah Woodcraft

Thinker Linkers allow users to design, create, explore, and build anything their mind can imagine. Thinker Linkers can be combined to create robots, forts, building models, cars, machines, furniture, animals, or just some creative, free form art to make it a more versatile building system. Thinker Linkers provide a fun learning environment that: Encourages exploration, Engages the senses, Cultivates creativity, Expands math skills, Allows for free play, Promotes teamwork, Stimulates the imagination, Develops problem-solving skills, Brings stories to life. (Site Link)

TEVA: Triad Electric Vehicle Association

solar EV5 demonstrations are planned: 1. – demonstration of locally developed Electric Vehicle (EV) parts for those wanting to convert their own EV. A Dune Buggy conversion is demonstrated. 2. – Electrathon kit available for High School teams to participate in the annual Electrathon efficient vehicle design contest 3. – Electric Bicycles: (eBike) demonstration including an eBike that you can ride (in place!) 4. -Multiple Electric Vehicles (EVs)  5. – a homebrew electrified skateboard (demo only) (Site Link)

Childrens Museum of Alamance County: Simply STEAM

We love creating STEAM learning activities and programs at the museum. We’ll be investigating flight….simply….at the Mini Maker Faire. Build and test a flight gizmo out of everyday materials.


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